Editable All Sky Chart

android_appstore_logo-1You are free to use any of the charts on this site, if you publish them in anyway please drop me a line and credit/link to this site.
An editable version of the star charts is available below (click on the image). This is an Adobe Illustrator, *.ai, file which includes many of the catalogues on this site as separate layers to switch on/off, edit/move etc.

If you don’t have AI then you can open the file in InkScape an open source alternative.
You can see examples of where this star chart has been used:

When editing in Illustrator the following layers are available:AI-LayersNormally you would want layers 01-Legend to 08-Stars switched on. And then pick the layer(s) you are interested in (an eye in the left most column), for example 14-Exoplanets Within 100ly as in the image above.

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