Building a “flip top” observatory

At the end of 2015 my wife and I decided to rework one corner of the garden.  This started out as a glorified shed which was half full of gardening kit and half full of telescopes.  Outside this was a decking area, with a floor hatch to a flat lump of concrete to put a my 18inch dobsonian on.obs_001

The first thing we did was remove the shed then plan out where the greenhouse and observatory would go.  I marked this out roughly with bits of wood and placed the EQ6 mount in the middle.


The first job was to build the greenhouse (under strict orders from the missus this had to be finished before I could start on the observatory 🙁



Once the greenhouse was complete I started on the observatory.  The plan was to construct a simple roof that folded open from the inside.  Here is the roof, two separate frames leaning against each other.


The rest of the observatory was just a simple wooden frame (the back, north, is undercover and is where I sit with the computer).


I then clad the outside.  The roof is placed on with large piano hinges along the left and right sides.


When finished the roof folds open.  The left rests on a small cushion which is on the greenhouse.  The right side has a pole with a cushion on top, the missus is planning to grow roses up this.

The front of the observatory folds open like the top half of two stable doors.


Here is the observatory closed up with the greenhouse behind.  You can also see the post on the right side to rest one half of the roof on.


Here are some random shots of the inside.





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