Rocker Box

I made the rocker box from laminating 2 sheets of ply for the two sides and the bottom.

This image show the rocker box with the motor kit laid out ready for installation.
The azimuth motor is placed in the rocker box facing down. This means that the formica is mounted on the ground board and NOT the rocker box.
At 130° away from the motor 2 bearings are placed on the under side of the rocker box. These should be 25mm further out so that they do not run on the same track as the azimuth motor.
Here you can see the rocker box in place with the 2 motors.
One of my aims was to hide as many cables as possible, for this I routed tracks on the inside of the rocker box. This not only makes things look nicer but also you are much less likely to catch the cables during transport.
Here is the azimuth motor from above.

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