I made the rocker box from laminating 2 sheets of ply for the two sides and the bottom.

Split Blocks

Here are the 8 split blocks completed and just awaiting varnishing and mounting. These were easy to make following the book, they just took a little time and care.
Here is the lower end of the scope, you can see the side bearings in situ.

Pole Seats

Because I used 25mm diameter poles I could not use the standard pole seats as supplied by Obsession, the smallest they supply is for 32mm tubes.
In the end I used a scheme based on the design in the book. Here is a closeup of this.
Currently these are not quick release, I have to rotate 4 knobs (however they are easy to make and do work).
The book recommends that you calculate the length of the poles and cut them 50mm (2″) too long.
I calculated that the FL made the poles 1372mm (54″)long so I cut them 1422mm (56″) long.
After using my eyepieces and cutting the tubes down in 12.7mm (½”) steps, they actually went down to 1397mm (55″). This is the finished tube length.


After experimenting with rip stop nylon and an internal shroud, my wife, Sheila, found some Black Lycra from a local shop (Boyes, a northern English version of Woolworths). They have a large fabric section. I did not fancy doing any sewing but Sheila offered and it took her a few hours to make the shroud one evening.
The shroud ended up being external, as the book recommends. Only time will tell to see if Lycra outperfoms Rip stop nylon. It certainly looks better.

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