Mirror Cell

The mirror cell is made out of 3 pieces of 25.4mm mild steel and 2 pieces of 5mm x 32mm mild steel. I pre drilled these on a drill press, mounted them on a scrap piece of 18mm ply and a friend of mine welded up the whole assembly (thanks Brad). The image to the right is the whole jig ready for welding.
The jig is completed by (from left to right in the image below) a series of bolts to clamp it to the mirror box, 3 bolts for clamping the primary (in case it moves during transport), 2 bolts for the seat belt sling, and 3 assemblies for supporting the back of the mirror.
Before sending to Brad for welding I verified all components for fit, drill hole locations and quantity.
The completed mirror cell.
The completed mirror cell with mirror for weighing.
The completed mirror cell in place.

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