One of my requirements when building this scope was to have it computer controlled, to allow me to:

  • Track on objects easily at high magnification.
  • Have GOTO capability.
  • Be able to take DSLR images.

Looking at the web there seemed to be two contenders for tracking the scope 1) Mel Bartels’ design or 2) the Dob Driver II from Tech 2000. After some surfing on the net I found the following web sites on the Dob Driver:

It was very important for me to hide as much of the cabling, motors etc. as possible, not only for aesthetic reasons but also to minimise snagging the cables. To do this I mounted as much as possible inside the rocker box, unfortunately I could not do this for the altitude motor I did however hide the cabling by running it on the inside, and mounting the focusor on the opposite side (so its harder to hit in the dark). I’m debating eventually hiding the motor with a wooden cover.

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