Interactive star chart

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Galaxies Galaxy
Galaxy cluster
Nebulae Nebula
Planetary nebula
Super nova remnant
Dark nebula
Nebula involving an open cluster
Star clusters Open cluster
Globular star cluster
Nebula involving an open cluster
Stars &
Other object types
Carbon Star
Variable star
Double star
Triple star
Variable and double star
Possible star
Possible double star
Plate defect
Unknown object
Visibility scale Visible with the naked eye
Can be seen in binoculars
Visible in small telescope (< 60mm)
Visible in medium sized telescope (60mm - 200mm)
Visible in large telescope (> 200mm)
Other symbols Member of Herschel 400
You have seen or imaged this object (only with DSL Pro)

Please note that the star chart images can be navigated, click on an object or constellation name to see more information on that particular object.

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